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No words…

Zuiderpershuis Antwerpen - 22/09/2016
Geschreven op 23/09/2016 door Harry Schillemans

… can describe this show.

We went because like the most of us, we know Kyle from “the D” but we were blown away from the beginning until the end.

Time stood still and rock filled the room thanks to this amazing band and their lyrics. I came to this show and didn’t knew one song of this band and I left as a big fan. Thanks for the great show and hope to see them again soon!


Zuiderpershuis Antwerpen - 22/09/2016
Geschreven op 23/09/2016 door Kenny Peeters

Awesome does not even cover it all. I went to the show because I know Tenacious D and I mentioned that Kyle Gass was performing with his band in Antwerp.

Because he knew the band, I bought tickets. I did not even listen to any of the songs before the show, so I basically knew nothing about them, only that it was with one of the guys of Tenacious D.

When I left the show, I regretted it was over while it was a show of nearly two hours. I did not even look on my phone or watch to see how long they were playing, while in some shows this do happen to me. While I was recording a part of the show I thought it was a shame that I was looking through my phone.

The band members were all amazing in their own way, and in most concerts the solo’s are more or less limited to 2-3 in an entire concert. I think the guitar-players of the band had a solo in nearly every song. This showed that they really are brilliant musicians.

Last but not least, they made a real show out of it and I will definitely go back again if they are coming to Belgium again.

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