Kathy Griffin: Laugh your head off tour

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Nice, tho…

antwerpen - 16/11/2017
Geschreven op 18/11/2017 door ALON PEREL

I had a lot of fun. The jokes which hit, hit hard. The thing is, I did not expect that many references. I know, I know, that’s on me. But there were a lot of references to people and events I was clueless about, as I do not follow hollywood stuff.

Having said that? There were a lot of really good jokes besides that as well, and the Diva sitting on row C seat… 16 I believe, kept shouting “We love you Kathy” and stuff like that, and that was heartwarming and made me smile too :).


Arenberg Antwerpen - 16/11/2017
Geschreven op 18/11/2017 door Louise Lambaerts

De show was geweldig van begin tot eind. Het hele publiek genoot er duidelijk van en Kathy ook!

De titel van de show is enorm toepasselijk.

Laten we hopen dat Kathy nog vaak naar België terugkeert!

7pm too early

Antwerp - 16/11/2017
Geschreven op 18/11/2017 door Aksel Vannus

7pm was too early for the Kathy Griffin show on 16/11/2017 in Arenberg, antwerp. We came from Brussels after work by car and there was so much rush hour traffic that barely made it on time. 8pm would be a much more suitable hour.

Otherwise the show was great and the premises is really nice.


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