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A very funny man tells jokes (and cites poems, tells stories, …)

Lebowski's Antwerpen - 06/06/2017
Geschreven op 08/06/2017 door Dieter Blomme

I saw Phil the first time on his performance on Live at the Apollo, by randomly clicking youtube video’s. His performance was excellent. Telling a story with jokes interweaving it. He did the same in his show, and some more. Some funny poems and haiku’s also passed the review. A lot of his comedy / stories are anecdotal, but if all my friends could tell their anecdotes like that, I’d hang out with them a lot more. The venue is also very nice. Sitting at a bar, laughing your ass off (unfortunately for me, that wasn’t literally) and drinking some beers (served by friendly and helpful staff). Verdict: excellent!!

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