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Jim Norton bring the perv out of his us

Zuiderpershuis - 30/05/2017
Geschreven op 04/06/2017 door Dieter Van Cauwenberge

Lil Jimmy Norton brought his signature style of comedy to Belgium. Shocking 2 of the 3 woman that were in the audience. And then pointing out again how much they did not like interacting with him :) I sure laughed a lot and was actually pleasantly surprised by how good his crowd work was. It’s something you usually don’t see much with taped specials and don’t always expect. I liked most of his bits but the crowd really was by far my favorite part of the show. The conversation he had with an audience member about circumcision will always stay with me. Hope he was pleasantly surprised by how he was received in Belgium and tells his friends (Colin, Bobby..) to come over too. I know the zuiderpershuis small room is rather small for a comedian that has to travel that far but to me it’s setting lends itself perfect for stand up comedy.A small and intimate cozy setting. Loved seeing David Cross there and liked it a lot this time around too even if the chairs aren’t all that comfy.

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