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Pretty good, even as an “outsider”

Zuiderpershuis Antwerpen - 05/09/2017
Geschreven op 06/09/2017 door ALON PEREL

I gotta say, I booked it without really considering things. Comedy is comedy – right? Well… Not exactly. So, the theme/niche is the Indian audience. Often the language used ain’t English (often, not really meaning to say much of the total, rather, there’s words here and there inserted which tie into a joke, and ur like, errrr, ok…), and the people referred to are, well, if you ain’t Indian, you ain’t gonna know ’em.

Now, having said all that? I still enjoyed like 75% of the show. It was still pretty good, I’d rank it as 3.7 out of 5. So, look, if you are on the fence about this guy, take a chance, it won’t be your usual stuff, but I think that’s pretty cool – you get to hear jokes and humor that otherwise you just wouldn’t.

Totally go for it :)

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