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This page contains all the information you need regarding the Covid Safe Ticket Plus for events by

This general information is valid for all events on our calendar. For very specific questions, we kindly ask you to contact the ticket office of the venue where you plan on watching a show.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Covid Safe Ticket Plus?

The Covid Safe Ticket is a certificate that guarantees access to events. This certificate shows that you are not a carrier of the Covid-19 virus or that you have been fully vaccinated against the virus. By using the Covid Safe Ticket, everyone can enjoy the show without any concerns. The Covid Safe Ticket Plus combines the Covid Safe Ticket with the mandatory face mask.

For which events do I need a Covid Safe Ticket?

From 20 November onwards (until further notice), the Covid Safe Ticket Plus is mandatory for all events, regardless of the number of spectators. Wearing a face mask is mandatory from the age of 6 years. Once your Covid Safe Ticket has been checked, there is no need for keeping additional distance between you and other audience members.

Do you want to know whether you need a Covid Safe Ticket for a certain event? Go to the event page on our calender. Shows for which you need a Covid Safe Ticket Plus will have a banner saying: “This event uses the Covid Safe Ticket Plus.” We update our events regularly. At the moment all events have been updated until 28 January 2022.

How can I obtain a Covid Safe Ticket?

Everyone above the age of 12 can obtain a Covid Safe Ticket, if you meet one of these conditions:

  • You have been fully vaccinated for more than 2 weeks.
  • You have a Covid recovery certificate of less than 6 months ago.
  • You have had a PCR test with a negative result, valid for 72 hours from the moment of the test.
  • You have had a rapid antigent test with a negative result, valid for 48 hours from the moment of the test. Only tests carried out by a medical professional are considered valid.

Your Covid Safe Ticket is equal to the European corona certificate. Are you already in possession of such a certificate? Then you don’t need to take any additional steps. We only accept certificates in the official CovidSafe app or on paper, issued by the government.

You can find more info about obtaining a Covid Safe Ticket here.

Can I use a negative selftest to obtain a Covid Safe Ticket?

No, only a PCR test or rapid antigentest carried out by a medical professional can be accepted.

Is the Covid Safe Ticket free?

Yes, obtaining a Covid Safe Ticket is completely free. Please note, you might need to pay for a PCR test or antigentest.

Does a Covid Safe Ticket grant me access to a performance no matter what?

The validity of your Covid Safe Ticket will be checked at the entrance of the venue. You will only gain access if your certificate is officially valid.

Of course you still need a ticket for the event itself.

Can I get tested at the venue?

No test centers are provided at the venue. Make sure you have your Covid Safe Ticket before you come to the theater.

How will you check the validity of my Covid Safe Ticket?

We check the validity of your Covid Safe Ticket through the official CovidScanBE application. We respect your right to privacy. The person checking you only sees your first name, last name, date of birth and validity of your certificate. This data is personal, so we also ask you for proof of identity. We do not store your data in any way.

Upon entering the venue, have your certificate ready for checking. If you are fully vaccinated, show the certificate of your most recent vaccination. Please also provide an ID.

What about spectators under 12 years of age?

For children younger than 12 years old, no CST is required. Children aged 6 years and older need to wear a face mask.

What are the rules inside the venue?

If a performance takes place under the Covid Safe Ticket rules, or if the venue confirms that no additonal measures are required, you do not have to keep additional distance to other members of the audience. You do not need to leave an empty seat between you and other spectators. When walking around, please take into account the need for personal space of other attendees.

What are the rules outside the venue?

Always adhere to the applicable rules outside the venue. Wear a face mask and keep at least one and a half meters distance to other spectators.

Do you have any more questions? Please contact us through We would love to help you.
You can reach us by phone during office hours through (+32) 09 235 16 55.

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